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Chuck Hughes

Road Map to Trading Success

“What goes up must come down spinning wheel got to go around.” - Blood, Sweat and Tears

What really makes stock prices go up or down? Is it really as simple as what goes up must come down and vice versa? How do I select stocks with the best profit potential? Stock prices are constantly fluctuating and many times there seems to be no ‘rhyme or reason’ to this constant price fluctuation. The air waves and the Internet are flooded with analysts and experts who try to predict the future price moves for stocks.

John Thomas

How to Find a Great Options Trade

You’ve spent vast amounts of time, money, and effort to become an options trading expert.

You know the difference between bids and offers, puts and calls, exercise prices and expiration days.

And you still can’t make any money.

Now what?

Staff Writer

X Marks the Spot: A New Way to Capitalize on Major Market Moves

In my youth, I used to love reading books and watching movies about pirates and buried treasure. Sooner or later, someone would discover the treasure map, leading to a wild adventure to find the buried treasure chest. In most of these swashbuckling tales, the location of the buried gold was marked with an “X” on the map.

J. Crawford

2-Minute Trick for Boosting Profits

The difference between profitable traders and losing traders is often extremely small. It's a matter of a few big trades that they capitalized on, or a few less mistakes or possibly a few tricks they use to boost their gains--one of which I am going to explain in this article.

Here's how it works...

Hugh Grossman

Mindset to Minimize Options Trading Risk

I made a point a long time ago to knock out the negatives in my life. Stay positive, stay focused, surrounding myself with only people who exert a positive influence on me.

This is exemplified in my trading.

Using the winning methodology I developed for my own trading, and now teach others, I recently bought the...

Jonathan Rose

Buying Out-Of-The-Money Options

I have heard it all when it comes to buying out-of-the-money options. Some of the most common things I hear are…

“I was taught never to buy OTM options, they are too risky.”

“People who buy OTM options always lose money.”

“I only sell options- that way I ‘win’ most of the time.”

When I hear things like this (which is more often than you may think), it validates my affection for these trades. Why?

Chart Experts Team

Simple Pattern Can Identify Large Stock Moves

How many times have you looked at a major move in a stock, and asked yourself “Wow, what if I had gotten in on that stock early? I would have made a killing!”

You look at the stock and rationalize why the stock moved. Maybe it was based on a strong earnings report. Maybe a new drug got approved, or there was a pending merger or acquisition. Regardless of what caused the move, many investors sit on the sidelines and watch the move happen without pulling the trigger. What if there was a way to find out exactly where to capture the lion’s share of a major stock move without guesswork?

Alan Knuckman

Seven Stupid Mistakes that Smart Investors Make

Go into a trade expecting the best, but planning for the worst. Make risk control the primary focus.

The “All In” gambler’s mentality is destructive and an unbalanced trade-off between...