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Chuck Hughes

Chuck Hughes

Road Map to Trading Success

“What goes up must come down spinning wheel got to go around.” - Blood, Sweat and Tears

What really makes stock prices go up or down? Is it really as simple as what goes up must come down and vice versa? How do I select stocks with the best profit potential? Stock prices are constantly fluctuating and many times there seems to be no ‘rhyme or reason’ to this constant price fluctuation. The air waves and the Internet are flooded with analysts and experts who try to predict the future price moves for stocks.


Timely, actionable analysis on stocks, sectors and more that are prime for breakouts and big moves

The Only Two Stocks Worth Owning This Holiday Season

More online shopping means more package deliveries.

And with more package deliveries comes higher returns for smart investors that jumped into two stocks that control 90% of the delivery market.

When Adobe Digital Insights (ADI) announced that online holiday sales could jump 11% to $891.6 billion between November 1 and December 31, 2016, the only two stocks in your sack should have been... (AMZN): It’s a Gift at these Prices

Again, herd mentality has proven itself to be a portfolio killer.

In October 2016, missed earnings with EPS of 52 cents, as compared to estimates for 78 cents. Meanwhile, its $32.7 billion revenue beat estimates for $32.69 billion and was up 29% year over year.

Unfortunately, it was guidance that...

This Stock Didn’t Care Who Won the Election at All

The election is finally over.

Cash is moving back from the sidelines after traders pulled billions from mutual funds, or shifted to cash-only positions.

The Dow Jones hit an incredible all time high of 18,934.05.

Commodities are racing higher. 

Best of all...

Learn This Crazy Backdoor Strategy a Guy Developed at his Kitchen Table